Volunteer to Teach Abroad

Are you adventurous and curious about traveling the world? Have you ever thought of teaching? Did you ever wonder what it might be like to teach in an environment where your teaching skills would be highly valued and welcomed? The opportunities to volunteer to teach abroad offers all of these things to those with the courage and enthusiasm to pursue them.

There are several regions that require education and are looking for volunteers like you to help them. Education is not always affordable or readily available in impoverished regions or areas that are suffering economically and it is harder to teach about a culture and language you don’t understand. For this reason many foreign countries look for volunteers from the western world who can help them and their children to better understand our culture and have a greater understanding of the world outside their country.

How Do I know if Teaching Abroad is Right for Me?
You will need to get a TEFL Certification and a bachelors degree in your chosen area of education to teach abroad but there’s little else you will need beyond courage and willingness to work with other cultures.

If you are motivated, intelligent and kind you are already a great candidate for becoming a volunteer teacher. The best way to know you are ready for this sort of trip is to sit down and consider your strengths and weaknesses and how they might affect you in a region where you may be different from most anyone else. Choosing to teach abroad shouldn’t be taken lightly so be sure you are ready before you begin. Age may not be a major concern for this job but it could affect what types of jobs you get.

What Sort of Jobs Might I be Doing?
Most teaching jobs of this type rely very heavily on teaching the English language as a second language to someone who knows very little or none of the language before you begin. So you may be learning a bit of another language each time you take on a new assignment. There are other subjects of course such as conservation, history, culture, the arts and other subjects we’d find in most any school.

What is Provided for Me?
Most teaching positions offer lodging, food and travel expenses within the area where you teach. In the case of the volunteer teacher this money is often paid by you. Positions are available all around the world and so these expenses will vary by length of stay and distance traveled to get there.

How Will Volunteering to Teach Abroad Help Me in the Future?
Working in this unique circumstance makes it clear that education is something you are truly dedicated to and few barriers stop you from helping someone learn. It also means that you will have developed the skills of intuition, communication and guidance in an environment where they are far harder to perfect and more challenging to use. Future employers will be able to see the mark that such an important assignment made and understand that it means you’re a very dedicated educator.