Volunteer Software Review

Managing volunteers is a challenge. After all, it takes more than just acts of kindness to run an organization. You need to have the knowledge, experience, right people, and appropriate tools before you can become confident in heading it.

Here are some of the best types of volunteer software that can help you in managing your organization better:

There are definitely a number of volunteer management software that you can download from the World Wide Web, and one of the most comprehensive is the Samaritan software. It has different packages for different organizations. For example, government-run groups can take advantage of multiple specific features, which include Network Offices option. This means you can basically link the various offices manning independent departments within the organization. This is to encourage proper coordination and improved teamwork. You can also customize the fields of the application to better suit your needs. You simply have to turn those fields that you don’t like to use off. You can also include some fields that you can come up with.

The price of the software is very affordable too. In fact, if you’re a non-profit organization or fostering K-12 education, you can have the privilege of $20 monthly waive fee for the eCoordinator. This is a special account that can help you monitor as many as 100 volunteers.

UVolunteer Software
This is an online-based volunteer management application that you can definitely utilize when you are going to work on huge events. All you need to do is to create accounts for each of your volunteer, providing as much information as you can about them. Because their names are easily searched and filtered, you can match them up to a specific task or assignment.

Moreover, the program is also convenient to customize, especially when you’re going to handle different kinds of events. If you have an existing database, you can still set this up as it works perfectly with them. You can also assign at least one more person to help you out in monitoring the delegation, as the program allows more than 1 administrator. Furthermore, you can also build as many departments as well as subdepartments with the program. You can even integrate a Newsletter and CMS management system right into the software.

GiftMaker Pro Volunteer Module
This module basically allows you to keep track on anything related to your volunteer. You will know their volunteer experience, their interest, their knowledge on a particular aspect, their skills, and even when they’re available. It has a central database where all of these information will be stored. The only downside of this software is it will not tell you what are the current job requirements as well as volunteer positions that your volunteers may apply. It also has a very hefty price of $795.

Volunteer Manager
The Volunteer Manager gives you the ability to build your own volunteer projects as well as monitor requests coming from your volunteers. This way, you can effectively match their qualifications or their interests to the current projects that you have. Because it’s definitely important that you have clear knowledge on how they’re doing, especially when they’re on the field, Volunteer Manager also provides you a tracking system, which will monitor their present assignments, time duration, and their progress in performing each task. You can also set up an individual profile for all your volunteers and group them into different committees. You may also indicate their interests and availability.

Rovir is one of the most comprehensive volunteer management programs that you can use. For one, you can keep track of all volunteer information, including their phone number and addresses. You can also create a roster of volunteers and assign them to respective projects. It’s also convenient for you to generate your own board report as well as conduct audit. Tracking the availability of your members is not difficult either. The application permits you to know accurately the days your volunteers are available and for how long. Most of all, you can monitor your sources of funds.

Your choice of software will practically depend on the organization you’re in, your budget, and how knowledgeable you are in using a program. You have to stick with something simple if you’re not truly adept in computer.