Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are everywhere you look. Do you think you have the power to create a change? Do you feel like you can contribute a lot in making other people’s lives better? You can definitely be a volunteer. Volunteering doesn’t entail so much from you, only that you need to have the commitment, dedication, time, and a little bit of technical knowledge. But where do you look for such avenues? Here are some of the top websites for volunteer opportunities.

  • VolunteerMatch.org – This is a perfect place to match a volunteer’s skill to an organization. This is because the volunteers can pick the organization freely and, in turn, employers can also select volunteers on the website’s database. If you don’t have much time to help out, you can simply donate whatever amount to VolunteerMatch (http://volunteermatch.org). Giving a portion of your income is still volunteering.
  • Red Cross – The Red Cross has gone beyond asking people for their blood. They have been truly supportive when it comes to preserving other people’s health and lives. If you want to commit yourself to the organization, you can visit the American Red Cross (http://www.redcross.org), which has a list of all chapters across the state. Other countries have their own Red Cross website, which you can check out using Google.
  • CMT One Country – This is a group that’s spearheaded by ex-president Jimmy Carter, Maya Angelou, and Colin Powell. Their belief is simple: they’re encouraging everyone to create their own difference. It’s easy for you to look for a volunteer opportunity. You can go to http://www.cmt.com/one_country/volunteer.jhtml and enter your zip code. List of volunteer organizations show up, and you can freely choose where you want to spend your time.
  • Idealist.org – This (http://www.idealist.org) independent volunteer organization is led by their ideals—nothing more. They are not bound by any religion, race, or creed. This is one of the most interactive social websites, as you can have a good list of speakers, volunteers, organizations from your selected country, and even materials on how to be a good volunteer.
  • Volunteer.org – For those who are living in America or want to serve the USA, this is one of the most excellent websites (http://www.volunteer.gov/) for you. Volunteer organizations are classified according to different positions, and volunteers will have easy time searching for the organization that matches their skills and interest. You can also catch up with various volunteer activities through its National Events bulletin.
  • Network for Good – The Network for Good (http://www.networkforgood.org) provides an ideal venue for potential volunteers to match themselves to the most appropriate organizations. On its homepage is a Search feature, where you can simply look for your desired organization through your interest and location. You can also keep a list of your volunteer experience through Volunteer Record of Service.
  • HelpinDisaster.org – The HelpinDisaster.org (http://www.helpindisaster.org/) is an organization for anyone who has physical courage and strength to help out people in times of disasters. However, before you can actually join, it’s very mandatory that you sign up first. This is to give relief organizations time to prepare themselves and you when disaster strikes. The website also features areas that need immediate help, such as California, during the wildfires.
  • United Nations – The United Nations (http://www.unv.org) has been recognized for its efforts in maintaining peace and health of people, fostering the education of children and livelihood for their parents, as well as other humanitarian missions. Because the organization is so large, spanning every corner of the world, they’re looking for volunteers. You can choose to be an online volunteer, where you connect organizations with the right volunteers online or definitely travel. Their website describes their mission, goals, and, of course, their accomplishments through the years.
  • USA Freedom Corps – The USA Freedom Corps gives you a number of opportunities to serve an organization that you love most. You can search your selected group by keying in your interest. You may also look for them through the different categories. You can also find your desired organization through a zip code or your state abbreviation. This is ideal for those who don’t like to be assigned far away from their home. To make it much easier for you, you can look for opportunities by clicking on the “Find Opportunities Now” button.
  • Do-it-org.uk – The Do-it-org.uk (http://www.do-it.org.uk/) has more than 800,000 opportunities for you to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options. It’s also convenient for you to look for organizations and positions as the site features jobs, along with their job description.