Volunteer in Peru

There are many opportunities for those that want to volunteer in Peru. Consider getting involved with childcare, construction, teaching, healthcare, or one of hundreds of conservation projects.

This beautiful country beckons with the beautiful Andes Mountains, Amazon River Basin and Rainforest, and a striking coastal area. You’ll fall in love with the landscape here, with incredible flora and fauna surrounding you, as well as some of the world’s most interesting and exotic creatures.

Cuzco, Peru

One area to consider is in the city of Cuzco. This city is the historical capital of the Incan Empire and full of culture and history. Even though this area of Peru holds a high interest level for tourists and other international visitors, over half of the inhabitants here live well below poverty level. High unemployment rates contribute to the poverty and many live in conditions that you can’t even begin to imagine.

Many of the volunteer opportunities in Peru involve helping the local children. Many are orphans and some have been sold into slavery to work in the plantations.

Perhaps you would like to work in the healthcare field, helping children with physical and mental disabilities. You can volunteer in the construction field, which helps by building homes, daycares, hospitals, playgrounds, and libraries. This area of Peru needs you.

The Amazon Rainforest

With the current rate of deforestization and drought, the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, is expected to disappear in forty years. The only way to stop the devastation is through educational programs, volunteer efforts, and changes in governmental policies.

From volunteer programs that help educate people about the importance of the rainforest to helping the indigenous tribes keep their lands, all volunteer efforts in the rainforest play an important role in keeping this region of the world safe from destruction.

The Incan Trail

In the southern end of Peru, you’ll find many cities built around ancient Incan ruins. Arequipa, which is also known as the “white city” because of the buildings made from sillar, a white volcanic rock, is a poor city with a large number of people living in extreme poverty.

Other cities in the area, such as Nazca, Arancota, and Puno have the same economic problems and are part of the region called the Incan Trail. There is a huge need in this region for people to volunteer in Peru, especially when it comes to helping the area’s children with schooling, housing, and medical care.

Plan Ahead

When you volunteer in Peru, you will want to make sure you plan appropriately. This includes getting your visa or passport in plenty of time, finding out which immunizations are needed, and preparing for the trip financially.

You will also want to prepare yourself mentally, as you may see families, including children, living in some deplorable conditions. Learn as much Spanish as you can, so communication is not impossible.

Travel with an open mind and learn as much as you can from the people, culture, and history in Peru. When you volunteer in Peru, it’s guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.