How To Volunteer In Mexico

If you are like most people, some of the world’s problems weigh heavily on you, especially when they involve children. You may have wondered what you can do to help. One way is to volunteer in Mexico. Your time, attention, and love can bring peace to those who are suffering. Your skills can help instruct children in schoolwork, build much-needed homes, or provide healthcare to those that need it. If this interests you, then consider the following information on how you can help.

The First Few Steps

There are a few things you should do before you plan your trip. First, determine how long you will be able to travel. There are trips from just a week or two to several months. There are several organizations that you can volunteer with and each has a different mission. Depending on
which part of the country you want to travel to, you will also notice that the cultures, landscape, and traditions are different. It is time to do a little research about this great country and its history.

Next, you will want to apply for your passport or visa. In most country’s, this process can be time consuming, so the sooner you get this part done, the better. You will also want to start saving money towards your trip. Your transportation will usually be your responsibility, and in some cases, so will your lodging and meals. If you need to save for such expenses, start early so it will not be a problem when it is time to leave for your trip.

There are some immunizations you need to before you volunteer in Mexico. Besides the routine childhood vaccinations, you will need immunizations for typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B, rabies, and tetanus. The “swine flu” immunization is also recommended. Get these immunizations well ahead of your trip, just in case you have any type of reaction to these shots.

Where to Help

There are numerous organizations in Mexico that need volunteers. The internet is a fantastic resource for information. Some organizations charge a fee for volunteers, either for applying or for their programs. When completing these applications, specify the program, your dates of availability, and your skills. Many of these organizations receive thousands of interested applicants, but not committed applicants. Make sure you are ready to commit your time and energy before you apply.

Some remote parts of the country have extreme poverty levels and are in need of whatever help they can get. The children are really the ones who suffer from lack of resources and caring people. You can make a difference. Consider Mexico City, Morelia City, Doleres, Hidalgo, or Queretaro for more urban areas.

In Closing

When you help out, you will know you are doing your part. From teaching English to schoolchildren and college students, to helping preserve sea turtles, there is at least one area that will attract your attention. Be sure to take time to get to know those you help and learn from them. It will help ensure you get the most from your time there.