Volunteer Abroad In Orphanages

If you love children and would like to help them grow in areas where their welfare is at risk, you may want to try volunteering to help in foreign orphanages.

Many children are orphaned every day by various factors, some of which include the HIV/AIDS epidemic, war, famine and starvation.

Often these children do not have the care and love they need to truly thrive and it only becomes worse for them when they have no living relatives to take care of their needs.

Volunteering in an orphanage offers these children the tender loving care they yearn for through your care, guidance, education, play and mentorship.

What is Required to be a Volunteer for an Orphanage?
Not everybody has it in them to be a volunteer for an orphanage. Some of the factors that will qualify you for this opportunity include:

  • An Open Kind Demeanor
  • High School Diploma
  • Willingness to Care for Children of All Races, Mental and Emotional Levels
  • Willingness to Teach Children
  • Be Between the Ages of 16 and 60

Does it Cost Anything to Volunteer?

Yes. Many programs ask you to pay the cost of your stay plus food which is usually at least $400 a person.

How long are These Trips?

Usually between 1 week and 3 months.

What Will I Need to Do As A Volunteer?

Most centers across the world are in drastic need of volunteers and workers to help them with a large sum of orphaned and disadvantage kids. These children have often been through a great deal and more than anything else need patience and love from caring individuals who are willing to help them succeed. This means that you will need to help them with a wide array of activities that are both educational and fun.

There are also several children who have special social, mental and physical needs that require your care and kindness to encourage them and help build self-esteem.

Your presence helps these children to overcome obstacles and return to daily life with new knowledge and strength to achieve their goals.

Your intervention often comes in many forms whether it is by helping the kids with educational activities, medical care or basic care and play activities every day.

What Can I Take Away From My Volunteer Work?

Along with the knowledge that you’ve been able to help children to succeed you will also have the opportunity to experience the culture of another country, learn a new language, meet new and interesting people and help an underprivileged community on a daily basis.

How Do I find a Volunteer Program?

There are a wide variety of programs all over the net through many organizations. It’s less a problem of finding an orphanage to help than finding a provider that offers the most for your monetary donation (for both you and the orphanage you’re aiding).

Investigate the country you wish to work in thoroughly and then seek the programs available there at several online pages looking for volunteers for orphanages.

Compare the cost you must pay for that program and then see if they tell you about how much of it goes into what services, many of the better organizations offer you a list of what your money went towards.

Once you’ve found the right program it’s a relatively easy process to sign up and begin the work of getting ready for your volunteer service.