Volunteer Abroad in Nepal

Are you looking for a true adventure? Do you like to help others? Are you looking for a way to add something meaningful and important to your life?

Volunteering abroad in Nepal may be just what you are looking for.
From the Buddhist monasteries to the orphanages and schools, you can explore the culture of Nepal and help to improve the overall outlook and education of many people with only a few weeks volunteer work.

What Sort of Volunteer Work is Available?

There are three main focus groups for the volunteers who come to Nepal.

  1. Those who seek to teach English to the Buddhist monks.
  2. Those who want to help underprivileged children at orphanages,
  3. Those who offer help to the women and children of Nepal so that they may improve their lives using skills that help them help themselves.

These programs all look for volunteers from other countries to aid in the effort, improve lives through education and in some way benefit the children of Nepal.

Will I Have to Pay to Volunteer?
If you get a grant or scholarship, no you will not have to pay. However those can be competitive and take time to get, so often times if you don’t want to wait you will have to pay.

Some churches do fundraisers to help pay the cost of sending young people on these trips.

Many programs ask for monetary donations that help them to cover your travel, residence and food expenses while also aiding the program.

Programs cost anywhere from $50 a week to about $2000 for two weeks of volunteer work. Factors such as location, length of stay and cost of programs all play a part in the cost.

What Will Be Provided During My Stay?

  • Orientation to acquaint you with Nepal and its culture
  • Accommodations either with a family or through the program
  • 2-3 Meals a day
  • Assistance in traveling within the region of Nepal
  • Support for volunteers 24 hours a day
  • Escort from the airport to your accommodations

What Will I Usually Have to Pay For Myself?

  • Airfare
  • The cost of getting a visa and a visa extension fee
  • Airport taxes
  • Personal expenses
  • Gifts you purchase for the children or host family
  • Phone
  • Laundry
  • Immunization

How Do I Find the Right Program for Me?
Knowing if you have the right skills and strengths to volunteer for a project has a lot to do with how much experience you have in that area.

While these programs do not require a teaching license it could help you to better convey the English language and other aspects of western education while you work with the monks and children of Nepal.

You will need to be clear and fluent speaker and writer of the English language, be enthusiastic, confident, willing to put forth a lot of effort and have an open mind while dealing with other cultures and religious beliefs than your own.

If you know your weaknesses and strengths there’s a very good chance that you already know what you’re capable of or able to challenge yourself to achieve.

It’s as simple as finding a program that you agree with and signing up for their programs including the required donation fee for your volunteer time.

If you are a student, talk to your counselor about what grants and scholarships you may apply for. One of our friends received a Richter Scholarship that paid for her to volunteer abroad free in Africa.

If you are involved in a church, talk to the leaders there about how you might organize a fundraiser to help pay your airfare and expenses to do this volunteer work.