Volunteer Abroad in India

For a volunteer, this may be one of the most interesting opportunities that you can find.

If your love is for children or just for volunteering for the less fortunate, then India may be the place to be. Talk about an experience of a lifetime!

You can take a trip and volunteer abroad in India for free in many cases, or for as little as a few hundred dollars, which your church or local community could pay for with a fundraiser. There are more advantages, depending on the program that you chose to volunteer for.

Can you imagine for as moment being there with the children that you see on TV all the time. If you have a heart to love and a heart for children, you can see how this can be one experience that you will never forget.

There are several things that you can do while you are there.

Many volunteers enjoy helping the children with homework and playing with them. You can help the orphanage women cook and do their chores as well as learn about their culture and customs.

You can also help them learn English as well. There are programs where you can help those that are affected by the HIV virus or other health concerns.

You can go with various volunteer programs and they all vary in price. Most importantly you need to be of age (18), possess a high school diploma.

A lot of the programs require you to be in good shape, open minded, independent and flexible.

This is a totally different culture and there is a lot that you will learn and benefit. You will have to be able to live in third world type settings.

There is no comfort in these orphanages and you must be willing to learn and teach. There may also be accommodations, depending on what program you chose.

Some programs give you a private hut as well as internet access. Then there are the cheaper programs that don’t accommodate you like that.

Of all the places in the world that you can volunteer, one thing is for sure; you will love what you do no matter where you volunteer.

If you have a desire to learn of diversity and the will to help the less fortunate, that is a rare a wonderful gift. Volunteering in India would definitely be a once in a lifetime wonderful experience.