Volunteer Abroad in Brazil

The largest and most heavily populated country in south America, Brazil is a fascinating country featuring an array of cultures and environs; it should come as no surprise then that the volunteer programs that reach out to their region are just as intriguing and adventurous. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to visit the country and offer their time to several different varieties of volunteer outreach groups that service the region.

Volunteering in Brazil offers you a chance to explore the region and better understand its culture while helping it to thrive. Your work will have a lasting effect on the people you work with and yourself as you take in new experiences and come away with the knowledge that you’ve made a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

What Are Some Volunteer Programs in Brazil?

Save the Whales:This program is great for the volunteer looking for conservation programs to be a part of. The humpback whale calls Brazilian Polynesia its natural breeding ground, you will be able to monitor and observe the whales in their natural state and record their behavior in an effort to help others better understand them.

Pink River Dolphins in Brazil Another great conservation effort, volunteering to observe these creatures has the added benefit of being a mysterious and adventurous effort since little is known about these rare dolphins and the sighting is a wonderful experience by itself.

The Road Less Traveled Brazilian Travel Experience: Here you will learn about one of the most fascinating cultures in the region, the Bahians. These people, a blend of Native Americans, Europeans and Africans are hardest hit by problems such as alcoholism, poverty, limited schooling, unemployment, lack of proper and consistent medical and dental care as well as proper and consistent water and sewage. You will help them overcome these issues and in the process better come to understand their culture.

Healthcare and Health Education: By helping Brazilians to better understand their health and the risks they take in their lives you can help them to build better and healthier lives. Offering consistent healthcare gives many children and adults a better outlook and lease on life. With limited care available in many regions any medical care is valuable and well worth the effort you can put forth to help.

Community Development: Many areas in Brazil are underdeveloped and face issues with health and income that are caused by minimal tourist trade and a lack of better housing capabilities. With these programs you can help renovate schools and homes as well as helping villagers to better use their region and their culture to attract trade and tourism that won’t harm the environment but will gain them the income they need to thrive.