Organic Farm Volunteers

If you have ever considered traveling abroad but put it off because you thought you’d never be able to afford it, you may want to consider doing organic farm volunteer work abroad. Volunteering to do organic farm work can be very rewarding for those whose hearts are in helping others as well as helping the environment.

Why Volunteer?

There are actually quite a few benefits to volunteering abroad on a farm. Now volunteering abroad does not necessarily mean you will have a totally free vacation all the time. While some programs do bear at least part of your expenses, you may have to pay to travel to some locations or you may have to work at some farms to earn your keep.

Having said that though, you may be able to get sponsored by your college, by a scholarship, by a church or by doing a fundraiser. Volunteering abroad free does mean that you can travel and stay in a region for free like many people do, or at least for a much lower cost than those who are participating in the regular tourism routes. It also means that you will have the rewarding experience of living with local people, helping the community and truly being a part of their culture through their own everyday lives.

Volunteering to help with organic farming also means paying back the people that are allowing you to stay with them by aiding them in the environmentally friendly task right along with them and other volunteers. You will typically be living off the beaten track as farms that need help are almost always in rural locations. This way you avoid the tourist rat race and you really see the country and meet the people.

How Do You Volunteer?

There are several organizations that act as go betweens for farms and volunteers looking for each other. Most of them list locations, fees and other important information for each farm including what they are looking for from volunteers.

  1. Look over listings on the internet of programs at farms in need of volunteers that match with what you’re looking for.
  2. Record the contact information of the organization or where available the farms in need of help and contact them. It is important you find a farm where someone speaks your language or you speak theirs.
  3. Tell the host farm about yourself. It helps to tell them what skills you have, why you’d like to volunteer for them and also how long you were thinking of staying. Ask them a little about their farm and what volunteering there will be like there. If you have any questions about the stay this is the time to ask them.
  4. Once an agreement about the accommodations and dates of stay have been reached you will need to have a physical and update any shots that could be of use for traveling such as Hepatitis B. Book your flight and be sure you have your return plan sorted out as well.
  5. Pack your things and get ready to leave. Most websites will recommend a listing of items for your stay. You don’t want to over or under pack your bags. Just be sure you have just what you need; no more and no less.
  6. You are now all set for an adventure of a lifetime!

Be sure to visit – it is the website for the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms organization. And you may also find some more useful information over at too.