Spend Your Gap Year Abroad

Are you exploring the idea of enjoying a gap year abroad? A gap year is a fabulous opportunity to take a break, travel a little and perhaps take up a temp job in another country.

What can you do when you take a gap year and go abroad? Volunteering during a gap year between high school and college or between college and graduate school is a great way to take a break from education and get a taste of the world.

Spending your gap year traveling abroad and doing volunteer work can be very rewarding and give you a fresh frame of mind and incentive to complete your education goals once you return. It also offers you an adventure at a time you may be craving something new and refreshing in your life.

What Can You Do?

The amount of opportunities for students using a gap year are virtually limitless; you will need to consider several options in order to decide which opportunities best suit your interests and experience level and this means doing some research before you get started.

Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Wildlife Research: You can help research teams to follow animals in various areas from coastal zones to marine life.This is an excellent option if you have an interest in science and conservation and would like to help with the environment while continuing your experience with science and wildlife species.You can even receive PADI or BTEC certification with some locations.
  • Medicine: Are you a med student looking to get a head start on your career and some experience in the field? When aiding a medical station in remote regions, you will not only be learning about your chosen field, you’d be living it!Medical volunteer work means helping those who can especially use your help so it also means doing a great deal of good in service to those in need.
  • Conservation: If you are looking for something off the beaten path and a real opportunity to experience the environment and see the wildlife of the region, then conservation work will be a great option to explore. Conservation projects typically are located in remote regions where maintaining the natural state of land and wildlife are high priorities and your role is to help in that.Those who take part in conservation programs are also making a big impact on the environmental care of the region as the money they invest truly does help these programs thrive.
  • Community Work: If your interests lean toward helping people, then look no farther than community work where you can help people from small villages as well as bustling cities to create a great environment for themselves and their children.This is an area where your interests can really help you shine through the work you do for others. This includes setting up or getting involved in women’s empowerment groups, environmental education and AIDS awareness programs.
  • Education: Do you want to help other learn? Then these programs are just what you might be looking for in a volunteer assignment.There are many such programs and there are several age groups to choose from, from early childhood education to college and university level adult students; all of them can use your help to get their education.