How to Volunteer Abroad for Free

When you volunteer abroad free you enjoy many benefits, including a great feeling of purpose and accomplishment, meeting new people and making new friends, experiencing other cultures, learning things you can’t get in a classroom, travel and adventure, a wider world view and a new outlook on the world, having the unforgettable time of your life, doing well by doing good, and much more.

Volunteering overseas can be among the best experiences of your life, it may be the ultimate in adventure travel, and you will be doing some good in the world.

If you are looking for a meaningful vacation abroad and helping others is one of your goals, why not join a travel volunteer organization? You are guaranteed to have a blast in your travels, while making a difference in this world one small travel at time.

If your challenge is money for travel, don’t worry. There are various international volunteer organizations abroad that are willing to pay you a small salary or give you free room and board for helping with their cause.

How can anything in life be free? In this case it is usually a gratuity in exchange for volunteer work. If a group doesn’t have money to pay a full time employee, they may still have the ability to provide food and shelter, etc. to a volunteer. That way it is a win-win for everyone.

Are you a nature-lover traveler? Those who feel the need to join the work to save Mother Earth while spelunking in tropical caves and swimming with whales, will certainly find eco-volunteer travel an enjoyable and meaningful working-vacation.

There are organizations that can arrange your travel to remote parts of the world or to third-world countries to help as a volunteer on one of their nature restoration projects.

Stay in a tropical hut and wake up with sand and surf right in your doorstep. In the afternoon, you can volunteer to teach the locals how to care for the abundance that surround them. This is a more useful way to spend the summer.

If tropical huts are not your thing, then you can simply request from your eco-volunteer organizations to help you look for other forms of accommodation. Expect to stay in a tropical house where you are surrounded by nature, and recycling is the theme of the inn.

If you like what you have read so far, then volunteering to save the turtles in Thailand, for example, might be the thing for you. Now you can travel to Asia doing what you love the most: volunteering to save the wildlife. Live on an island in Thailand for a while to help tend Leatherbacks, Green turtles, and Olive Ridleys while enjoying the tropical sand and sun.

If you love children and you love to teach, then the children in South Africa are waiting for you. There are public as well as private schools in South Africa who are accepting volunteer teachers to stay for a semester or two. Native English speakers with no formal teaching certificates are even accepted.

It is possible for you and your family to be adopted in an African village during the whole summer. Think of the opportunity to teach your children how other cultures live while volunteering to read stories to local kids.

There are also opportunities to Volunteer and help children in South America. Costa Rica needs volunteers to teach children classes in arts, sports and basic English. Many people who volunteer abroad in Costa Rica also get free lessons in the Spanish language. You take a Spanish class for an hour every morning before you do your volunteer work. It’s a great way to learn another language for free, while having fun and doing good works.

If you are planning to work in the nonprofit sector at home, then volunteering abroad will certainly add value and experience to your resume. Overseas volunteer work is a great way to apply your skills to enhance them further so that you will be prepared to meet whatever challenges will be thrown at you in your future career. It is also a great way to broaden your horizons and see how other people live in other parts of the world.

Students wanting to earn college credits outside the four walls of the classroom can also opt to volunteer abroad. Many of these volunteer works are organized by universities and colleges of the host country so that you can arrange with your school to give you credit for your experience.

Healthcare professionals are especially needed abroad. Often the healthcare professionals in poverty-stricken countries are lacking, and the facilities are substandard. If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist or dental hygienist wanting to travel to these places, why not volunteer abroad and spend some time to offer your expertise to the local citizens as well? When you are an abroad program volunteer, the people in these nations can use your help to give them basic healthcare like dental and physical checkup, to minor surgeries and first aid. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the health problems experienced by local citizens from developing countries.

It isn’t all about relaxing on a glamorous vacation however. You might live in an impoverished village and do hard manual labor helping to dig a well or build an orphanage.

Traveling the world, while volunteering abroad free, is indeed a noble way to spend a summer vacation. This activity can be done by an individual, a group, or sometimes a whole family. It can also be one of the most enriching episodes in your life. Get ready to immerse yourself with the blessings and challenges of other parts of the world – and to create a difference in the world community through your own personal efforts.